Вот идешь ты в бар после тяжелого рабочего дня и жалуешься своей любимой коллеге о том что решения по релизу приняли без тебя. А коллега берет тебе пива и говорит “Ну чего ты ожидаешь, это же не демократия.” Действительно не демократия, вот давайте пофантазируем, если бы компания была бы страной, то какой страной она была бы?


Начнем с семейного бизнеса, туту вроде все понятно — Монархия чистой воды! Есть правящая королевская семья, которая принимает абсолютно все решения. Чаще всего в такой стране кроме основателя (короля или/и королевы) работают еще и кумы, сваты, дети, внуки, тети, дяди и тд. Чтобы…

I want to share with you the product of my thought experiment: “If an IT company was a country”. I often conduct thought experiments, but it is the first time I am sharing it publicly, so please do not judge and do not take it seriously :)

I compared some IT companies to five most common political systems in the world (Democracy, Republic, Monarchy, Communism and Dictatorship).

Most startups will be classified as a Monarchy in case of a family business or Dictatorship in case of a joint venture. …

If you are not an Ops person, do not know anything about Linux and not a big fan of Linus Torvalds — Linux conference is for you!

January this year I was lucky enough to attend Linux Conf AU 2019 in Christchurch, New Zealand. It was hard to conclude from the conference name that it is not only for the ops people. So, it was not easy sell for a Developer role, it seemed like I wanted to attend the “Linux kernel” conference and I do not even use Linux on any of my devices.

My only way in was…

This autumn and winter I watched quite a lot of stand up comedy shows, following the Comedy festival in Melbourne. I was inspired by many men and women and their awesome performances, so I decided to try it myself.

I realised that the IT industry is full of funny stories and jokes. We laugh all the time at our workplace, we laugh at ourselves, at our legacy codebases and especially at our work processes and decision making.

So, I sat down and started writing. For weeks I could not write even a single joke, I was staring at the blank…

For many years I have wondered why we are not good at having tough conversations in our company, at least according to our engagement surveys for the last six years. My random thought on this topic had lead me to nowhere so far.

Recently, I decided to change the question to a more personal one: “Are you good at having tough conversations at work and why?”. To that question, I can provide many more concrete ideas and examples. Today I am going to share some of my personal experiences with crucial conversations in the workplace.

There are few types of…

Recently I read the survival tips from female software engineer Patricia Ass (https://patricia.no/2018/09/06/survival_tips_for_women_in_tech.html). Her advice is way more radical and defensive then mine (https://medium.com/@anna.fiofilova/survival-guide-for-women-in-it-c7851c541138) were!

I do agree with the majority of her tips. It saddens me that women in IT have to follow them to be recognized and heard. At the beginning of my career I knew I would have to put extra effort and time in my work to achieve something, but I had not expected that I will have to do this all the time.

While I am really happy with my role and my team and…

After attending more than fifteen conferences in the last six years my friends and I accumulated lots of good tips and tricks to make those events more pleasurable and productive, today I am sharing the collective wisdom.

When you have decided on which conference you are keen to attend ask around at your workplace before buying a ticket as there might be some special deals. You might find more people to attend and apply for group discount or your company might be sponsoring the event and have some special discounts.

The most important piece of preparation is to get as…

You may have heard of the “bus factor”. For those who have not, the bus factor is a measurement of risk: “The minimum number of team members who need to be hit by a bus before the project stalls”. It’s sometimes called the “lottery factor” by people who would prefer to phrase things in a more positive way.

What is your team’s bus factor? Ideally, you should have an answer like this: “90% of the team would need to disappear to put the project on hold, but if new people with similar skillsets were to join the team — we…

Here are the demographics of responders:

Some time ago, I shared the story of how I ended up in IT, and some of the challenges I faced on the way. Now I am in the process of gathering personal stories from other women in IT.

The more stories I hear, the more I realize that we are still in the dark ages.

According to a recent report by the ACS women make up only 28% of staff in ICT industries, well below the average of 44% across other industries.

Digging a little deeper into the numbers, we can see that for technical roles (operations, development and…

Anna Fiofilova

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